How Many Areas Can I Liposuction at One Time?

With the ability to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat, liposuction treatment in Long Beach, California, is highly sought after by people from all walks of life. Whether you are dejected by the poor effects of dieting or subpar results through exercise, liposuction for multiple areas can help you embrace your ideal figure.  … Read More »

How Long After Breast Reduction Surgery Must You Wait Before A Breast Augmentation Can Be Performed?

Breast reduction surgery or “reduction mammaplasty,” when expertly performed by Dr. Josh Walzman, removes excess breast tissue, breast fat, glandular tissues, and skin.  The overwhelming advantages of this surgery include improved posture, increased self-confidence, and the freedom to easily fit into more clothing styles and to pursue an active lifestyle. Breast reduction patients benefit from… Read More »

10 Common Mistakes People Make With Their Skin

No matter how old you are, embracing flawless skin should always top your to-do list. From using the correct products for your skin type to scheduling regular checkups with your dermatologist, you likely do everything you can to achieve glowing skin. But to achieve the ideal results, you also need to learn about skincare mistakes… Read More »

Why Young Adults Are Considering Body Contouring Procedures

More today than ever, young adults are considering body contouring procedures. They appreciate the customizable, non-surgical, and efficient surgical options available that make body contouring possible. New technology and advances in plastic surgery techniques allow younger adults to manage their appearance better than diet and exercise alone by making the most of the innovative trend… Read More »

Turn Back Time With Eyelid Lift Surgery

As we grow older, it is typical for the effects of aging to take hold. While there are many noticeable indicators of aging, drooping eyelids stand out as one of the most prominent signs. The reason is simple. Since your eyes are the focal point of your face, their appearance is central to the rest… Read More »

Taming Your Tummy After Weight Loss

Losing a significant amount of weight is a fantastic accomplishment. Still, despite the amount of time and effort you’ve put into losing weight, you may find that your lifestyle changes are just not enough to achieve your goals. In these instances, many people turn to cosmetic procedures to treat trouble areas in their midsection. Tummy… Read More »

Top 5 Non-Surgical Options That Would Be Best for You!

When considering cosmetic treatments to enhance your appearance, the idea of having surgery is often the first thought to cross your mind. But perhaps you need to broaden your horizons!  Even though surgical procedures are effective and safe, they are not the only avenue to achieve your dream look. Indeed, non-surgical cosmetic treatments in Long… Read More »