A flat belly and narrow waist are often seen as tokens of fitness and good health.  And common knowledge says that with hard work, we can achieve the belly of our dreams. 但事实是,对一些人来说,这是完全不可能的. Some have to contend with a stubborn layer of fat that can’t be removed through dieting or exercise. 对另一些人来说,怀孕来了又去,但松弛的皮肤和脂肪仍然存在.

当所有的方法都失败的时候,腹部拉皮术会有所帮助. A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a surgical procedure that can help you achieve a narrow waist and tight core. And with the right surgeon, a tummy tuck can help you feel proud and confident about your body.

Dr. Josh Waltzman is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Long Beach known for cultivating an outstanding patient experience. 他是一种, compassionate surgeon who recognizes that a tummy tuck is more than a physical improvement – feeling whole is the ultimate goal of any patient. To that end, he’ll perform your abdominoplasty with the care and attention to detail you deserve.


The ideal candidate for an abdominoplasty is someone who is close to their ideal weight but needs a little help refining their figure. 下面是一些定义理想候选人的特征:

  • 无重大未治疗疾病
  • 不吸烟的人
  • 想要去除腹部多余的皮肤
  • 想去掉妊娠纹
  • 想要去除剖腹产留下的疤痕和疤痕上的脂肪
  • 想要减掉粗壮、不明显的腰部
  • 体重稳定,健康吗



Our abdomen is essentially an inner girdle made up of connective tissues and muscles. 这条腰带,也被称为你的“核心”,将全国十大正规平台的内脏固定在适当的位置. 它生来就是为了生长的,尤其是在怀孕和体重增加的时候.

不幸的是,它有时不会反弹. 体重减轻或分娩后, 病人的皮肤皱褶过多, 妊辰纹, 脆弱的腹部肌肉, 和脂肪沉积.

That’s what a tummy tuck is for; it can address the causes of a large belly and help you attain a flatter, 更吸引人的胃.


If you’re tired of deep folds of skin and pockets of fat in the belly, a tummy tuck can help. Dr. Waltzman will excise excess skin and sculpt the abdomen by removing skin and fat from the lower abdomen.

一个轮廓分明的腹部和一个纤细的腰部有时是不可能达到的. 腹部拉皮术可以去除多余的脂肪. It can also better highlight the abdominal muscles to create a more athletic look.

During pregnancy, the ligaments attached to the abdominal muscles stretch to make room for a baby. 在一种叫做直肌分离的情况下, 结缔组织永远不会弹回原位, 导致腹部肌肉保持松弛. 因此,病人的心脏变弱,胃突出.

做了腹部拉皮手术. Waltzman can tighten that separation between the muscles to flatten the stomach. 收紧腹部肌肉也能恢复核心力量.

Since the tummy tuck excises a sizeable amount of tissue below the belly button, 腹部成形术可以去除一些妊娠纹. 当然, it can only target 妊辰纹 that exist below the belly button.

Women who undergo a C-section can sometimes develop excess tissue that hangs over their scar. A tummy tuck may not only smooth and tighten that tissue, but it can also correct the C-section scar.


Dr. 华尔兹曼认为应该尊重病人的组织. 而不是强迫一个无效的结果, 他根据病人独特的解剖结构来做腹部全国十大正规平台. Dr. Waltzman will consult with the patient on their goals and work to create long-lasting results that are realistically possible.


腹部除皱术不能解决大腿或臀部等其他部位的问题. 它也不应该被认为是一种减肥过程.

腹部除皱术通常与吸脂术等其他手术结合在一起. If the patient wants a more comprehensive procedure or wants to target additional areas along with the abdomen, 他们也可以选择下列程序:


腹部拉皮手术会在耻骨上方留下疤痕. 这个疤痕通常从臀部延伸到臀部, 但这取决于腹部需要做多少工作. The scar can be easily hidden by underwear – even by bikini bottoms in most cases.

因为在腹部拉皮术中需要移动肚脐, 需要在肚脐周围切开. 当然, the resulting scar will exist around the natural borders of the belly button, 所以它会很好地隐藏和褪色的时间.


Dr. Waltzman achieves his remarkable results by meticulously planning each tummy tuck. The planning process begins during the consultation, where you will be able to meet with Dr. Waltzman自己.

磋商与博士. 华尔兹曼在放松和支持的环境中. 在这里,他会回答你关于腹部整形术的问题或担忧. Because he wants you to have a complete understanding of what abdominoplasties can or can’t do, 他会详细介绍手术的每一个环节. 你还会有Dr. 华尔兹曼的全部注意力,永远不要匆忙完成你的预约.

Dr. Waltzman will use the consultation as an opportunity to determine if you’re a candidate for the tummy tuck. 你应该准备好讨论你的审美目标, 你的病史, 你在服用什么药物. He’ll also perform a thorough exam of your tissues to determine which path to take.

He’ll make his recommendations and discuss the different risks and complications that may occur. 他希望病人能积极参与腹部除皱手术, 所以他会给你所有的工具让你做出明智的决定.


准备预约医生做手术了. Waltzman? 联系 us today to schedule a consultation and begin your new aesthetic journey today!


准备预约医生做手术了. Waltzman? 联系 us today to schedule a consultation and begin your new aesthetic journey today!


你的腹部除皱手术将在医生所在的医院进行. 华尔兹曼在医院或门诊手术中心有特权. 腹部成形术是在全身麻醉下进行的.

在手术的第一步, 他会在肚脐和耻骨之间开个切口. 他还会在肚脐周围做一个切口. Then he’ll lift up the skin from the underlying tissues and remove excess skin and fat. The next step is tightening the muscles, and then moving the belly button to its new position.

After that, we require a trusted family member or friend drive you home following your tummy tuck.


博士学习的原因. Waltzman has been trusted by many throughout Southern California and why you should choose him for your aesthetic journey.

满足博士. Waltzman

满足博士. Waltzman

了解Josh Waltzman的原因, MD has been trusted by many throughout Southern California and why you should choose him for your aesthetic journey.

满足博士. Waltzman


Dr. Waltzman will create personalized post-手术 instructions for you to follow. 通常, 病人在手术当天回家, 然后在恢复的第一天在家休息. You’ll probably need to take at least a week off from work – but it’ll all depend on how physical your job is.

After the tummy tuck, you will experience some level of bruising, soreness, discomfort, and swelling. 您还会感到切口处有些麻木. 所有这些症状都会随着时间的推移而消失. Every patient is different, but it can take up to 3 months for swelling to completely resolve.

腹部全国十大正规平台是重塑身材的好机会. 这是一个重大的转变,所以不要相信任何低于天才的东西, 熟练的整形外科医生. Waltzman. To learn more about the tummy tuck and what it can do for you, contact Waltzman Plastic & 重建手术,安排会诊.


Dr. Waltzman will give detailed instructions for how you can best prepare for your tummy tuck. In general, patients are given a list of substances to avoid before their 手术. 该清单包括常见的物质,如维生素E, 大蒜, 姜, 和鱼油, 但它也含有非处方药,如泰诺.

你的腹部除皱术会让你整个身体失去功能, so it’ll be difficult for you to complete basic tasks for the first 1-2 weeks.  That’s why we recommend that patients arrange for additional help with chores or childcare for about a week during the recovery.

你的成果将是永久的, but keep in mind – your results may be compromised if you gain weight after your tummy tuck. 为了保持你的结果,Dr. Waltzman suggests sticking with a healthy diet and a regular exercise regimen.

你的腹部拉皮康复应该不会痛苦,但痛苦是主观的. 不同的人对手术会有不同的反应.

总的来说,全国十大正规平台的病人报告说恢复是可以忍受的. 患者会感到不适,表现为疼痛和瘀伤, 但这就是为什么所有的病人都要服用处方药. Our patients do report that the tummy tuck feels much less uncomfortable than they anticipated, 他们中的许多人在几天后转向非处方药.

 You can still 抽脂术 in the front of the abdominal muscles during a traditional abdominoplasty, 然而, you can not be as aggressive with 抽脂术 in this particular area as other areas. 

A muscle repair, or tightening, is performed in the vast majority of procedures.

您的腹部肌肉不会因腹部拉皮术而增大或改变.  肌肉修复或收缩不会增加你肌肉的大小.  如果你已经有很发达的腹肌, then a tummy tuck will help accentuate them because there will less extra skin and fat covering them up. 

做了腹部除皱手术后,你的体重不太可能有任何改变.  The amount of skin that is removed typically is not enough to make much of a difference on the scale. 

 Yes, it is often possible to repair a small hernia at the same time as a tummy tuck.  如果是更大的疝, then sometimes the 手术 will be performed with a general surgeon who will repair the hernia. 

在做腹部全国十大正规平台之前,你应该保持良好的整体健康.  你的体重至少要保持6个月的稳定.  It is a good idea to do a little research from reputable sources (surgeon’s website, 手术.org, plastic手术.com) before your consultation so you can have some good questions prepared for your surgeon.  If you smoke cigarettes you should be aware that you will need to quit at least 4-6 weeks prior to your 手术.  It’s also a good idea to bring a friend or family member to your consultation who can help take notes and ask questions. 

You will need to fast the day of your 手术 (nothing to eat or drink from midnight the night before).  你到了手术中心就会换上手术服.  护士会在你的手臂上静脉注射液体.  You will meet your entire OR team which includes the Anesthesiologist and the Room Nurse.  接下来,博士. Waltzman will talk with you and make his pre-operative markings on your abdomen.  然后你的麻醉师会把你送回手术室.  手术后你会在恢复室醒来.  你要戴一个腹部夹.  康复护士会在你身边帮助你保持舒适.  通常情况下,病人处于恢复阶段1-1.5个小时.  一旦你准备回家,你的车将被联系.  术后指导将由护士讨论.  你需要保持腰部弯曲的姿势.  Dr. Waltzman will call you at home that evening to check-up on you and answer any questions. 

有两个腹部除皱手术留下的疤痕.  一个在肚脐周围,一个沿着小腹.  The length of the lower scar depends on how much extra skin needs to be removed.  所有的伤痕都会随着时间的流逝而消失,但总会有一道伤痕.  The best way to know how you will scar in the future is how you have scarred in the past.  Some patients form thin white scars and other patients will form thicker red scars. 

大多数病人在腹部除皱手术后会有2个引流管.  他们通常停留1-2周. 

这取决于所使用的技术, there are usually a few stitches around the belly button that need to be removed at the 1-week mark. 

这真的取决于你的工作.  我建议大多数人至少休息2-3周, but if you have a more physical job then you will need to consider taking 4-6 weeks off work.  We also have a lot of patients who can return to work on “light” or “modified” duty. 

肿胀因病人而异.  穿紧身衣确实有助于消肿, 但你的身体也需要一些时间来愈合.  肿胀通常首先在上腹部消失, 其次是小腹, 最后是公共区域.  大约6周后,大部分肿胀消失了, 但要真正看到最终结果可能需要长达12周的时间. 

  Complications are similar to other plastic 手术 procedures and include bleeding, 血清肿, 感染, 还有疤痕不好的问题.  另外, compared to other plastic 手术 procedures tummy tuck 手术 has an increased (although still low) risk of blood clot formation in the legs.  On rare occasion this blood clot can travel to the lungs and become a very serious life threatening complication. 

是的,但是,你可能会再次伸展你的肌肉和皮肤.  This might require additional procedures in the future if you wish to achieve similar results. 

肚脐的自然外观, 下腹部疤痕的水平, 以及整体腹部轮廓.   


答案是肯定的,但是全国十大正规平台必须把安全放在第一位.  只要在手术室的总时间保持在一个安全的水平, 然后通常是适当的组合多个过程. 

我通常建议4周后再去接小孩.  如果你坐着或躺着,你可以随时抱着你的孩子. 

手术后你的腹部会感到紧绷.  As long as you are not performing anything strenuous then it is unlikely that you will hurt something.  It is important that you follow your surgeon’s guidelines as far as activity level.

The discomfort from a tummy tuck mostly comes from the muscle plication, or tightening.  为了减轻这种疼痛,医生说. Waltzman injects a medication called Exparel into the muscles and around all of the incisions.  这种药物可以缓解长达72小时的疼痛.  你应该仍然会感到紧张和疼痛, 但这种药会帮助你减轻全身不适.  你还可以使用泰诺,布洛芬和一种麻醉药品.   大多数患者在1-2周内停止使用所有止痛药. 

An incision is made around your belly button, but it is left attached to your body.  一旦腹部皮肤被拉下,一个新的开口就形成了.  Your belly button is then pulled through this new opening and carefully sewn in place.  通常情况下,尺寸会稍微调整,以刚好适合.    

一次腹部全国十大正规平台平均花费大约1万美元.  这包括咨询, 准备访问, 手术, 或费用, 麻醉, 疤痕治疗, 还有你所有的术后随访预约. 

大多数患者计划在做腹部全国十大正规平台前4-6周.  然而, 如果你心中有一个特定的星期, 那么最好是尽快安排. 

On average it takes 2-3 hours from the time you leave the pre-op area to the time you arrive in the recovery room. 

是的,它仍然是你的肚脐.  它刚从一个新开口出来.