CoolSculpting is a revolutionary fat reduction procedure that uses fat-freezing technology to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat from the body. Its ingenious mechanism allows it to be completely nonsurgical and require no anesthesia, 这样病人可以塑造他们的身材,同时避免长, 痛苦的复苏.

There are a lot of reasons why patients might want a nonsurgical fat reduction treatment; maybe they don’t qualify for a surgical procedure, 不想经历恢复期的麻烦, 或者他们觉得自己是 人体轮廓线 不需要做手术. 不管病人为什么选择治疗, 这个过程可以帮助他们实现更顺畅, 更苗条的身材却不牺牲他们的时间和舒适.

As incredible the fat freezing technology may be, what’s important is who’s performing the treatment. 在Waltzman塑料 & 整形外科手术, patients have the benefit of having their CoolSculpting in Long Beach overseen by a renowned board-certified plastic surgeon: Dr. Waltzman.

请联系博士. Josh Waltzman at our Long Beach practice for a personal consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. 调用 (562) 448-6100.

安排你的咨询时间. Waltzman. 调用 (562) 448-6100.

你可以重塑你的身体!*  We will develop a customized CoolSculpting treatment plan that addresses your problem areas. 额外的会议可能进一步提高你的结果.* Your individualized treatment plan will be tailored to your body, your goals, and your budget.

坐下来,放松一下,跟顽固的脂肪说再见是很容易的.在全国十大正规平台选择了要处理的区域之后, 该设备定位在您的身体和控制冷却应用. During your procedure, you may choose to read, check email, or even take a nap.*

如何工作- CoolSculpting Long Beach

Treatment achieves its incredible effects thanks to its advanced fat freezing technology. It works like this: our fat cells freeze at a much higher temperature than the rest of our tissues. Subcutaneous fat under the skin is cooled until its freezing point; this crystalizes the fat cells, 基本上摧毁它们. 最终,脂肪细胞被排出体外. 在接下来的三个月里, 病人应该能看得见, 平均, 每次治疗后,特定区域减少20-25%.  Many patients go on to have additional treatments to help reach their goals and get the best results possible.

Waltzman塑料 & 重建外科有最新的应用程序, 因此,患者将能够接受充分的脂肪冷冻潜力.

哪些区域可以CoolSculpting Treat


  • 双下巴
  • 大腿内侧和外侧
  • 腹部
  • 侧翼
  • 胸罩的脂肪
  • 在臀部下面
  • 上臂
  • 膝盖
  • 乳房(男性)


在你预约的那天, you’ll be asked to lie down while the CoolSculpting applicators are applied to the treatment area. As you sit back and relax, the procedure will take between 35 minutes to 1 hour to complete. There’s no need for an anesthetic—the only things you’ll feel during your treatment are the cooling and tugging sensations coming from the device.  You will be provided with snacks and refreshments during your treatment and will have access to wireless internet.  在治疗期间,你甚至可以看电影和电视节目.  Some patients bring their laptop and continue to work and others simply use the time to take a nap.  在治疗结束后,他立即接受了治疗. Waltzman will go over some post-treatment instructions and then you’ll be able to go home or back to work immediately. 这就是所有需要的.

Dr. Waltzman will plan out your series of treatments based on your unique wants and needs.

选择合适的技术对你的身体塑形至关重要, but it’s nothing without a practice that can tailor the treatment for you. By 联系Waltzman塑料 & 整形外科手术 对于一个咨询, you’re taking the first step to ensuring your CoolSculpting treatment is done the right way.

关于CoolSculpting - Long Beach的常见问题

个别治疗是循环进行的. The number of cycles in a treatment will depend on the number of areas you are treating and the amount of fat reduction you are looking for.

If you’re curious about the total number of cycles and treatments you might need, the truth is that it really depends on what parts of the body you’re treating and how well your body responds to CoolSculpting. Areas like the abdomen often require two treatments, but that might change from patient-to-patient.

As with essentially every noninvasive 人体轮廓线 treatment currently available, 多重治疗是必要的, 大多数病人在至少两次完整的治疗后是最快乐的.  没有最大剂量, so patients can continue to repeat treatments in a given area until the desired results are achieved.

The ideal candidate is someone who is relatively close to their ideal weight but wants to remove stubborn pockets of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise alone.

虽然它确实能永久减少脂肪, it is not possible for CoolSculpting to remove enough fat to result in substantial weight loss. 相反,它应该被视为一种身体塑造过程.

冷冻脂肪并不痛苦. In fact, patients often lie back, listen to music, or watch movies on Waltzman塑料 & 整形外科手术的iPad. 一些病人选择带着他们的笔记本电脑来完成工作, 有些病人还能睡着.

Since it’s a nonsurgical procedure, there are no serious associated side effects. 患者可能会感到一些麻木, 发红, 肿胀, 瘀伤, 或局部轻微不适, 但这些症状通常会在一周后消失.

这取决于你的身体对CoolSculpting治疗的反应. You may start to see improvement as soon as several weeks after your treatment, 你会在2-3个月左右看到你的结果达到顶峰. 一旦你的身体吸收和消除了冷冻脂肪细胞, 你的成果将是永久的.  如果你手术后体重增加, 治疗区域的剩余细胞会变大, 但你不会长出新的脂肪细胞.  如果你减肥了,那些剩余的细胞会再次变小.

冷冻脂肪适合你吗? 找到了 联系 Waltzman塑料 & 做全国十大正规平台,安排会诊.


准备预约医生做手术了. Waltzman? 联系 us today to schedule a consultation and begin your new aesthetic journey today!


准备预约医生做手术了. Waltzman? 联系 us today to schedule a consultation and begin your new aesthetic journey today!